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Welcome to the application of UV LED technology!


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LED UVA 365~370nm 20*20mil 150mA 3.6V 0.5W 100mW Eutectic flip-chip structure

UV LED diode

Model: HT2835-UV-X1

Wavelength: 365nm~415nm

Power: 0.2W / 0.5W / 1W

Applications: Industrial UV curing lighting, plant lighting, nail polish dryers, insect hanging lamps and detectors for detecting counterfeit products, of which 365nm and 395nm are the most popular.

UVA (365-405nm) LED is used for ultraviolet curing, nail polish dryer, growth lighting, trapping insects, detector for detecting counterfeit products (such as jewelry, currency art, etc.), photocatalyst and other products produced by polymerization UV sensitive material. UV LED can produce thinner heat-sensitive substrates, while reducing harmful by-products (such as ozone) and improving workplace safety, thereby improving existing processes. In addition, UV LEDs can be turned on and off immediately, and the input power can be used effectively, thereby reducing operating costs during the entire application cycle.

For 2835 SMD LED, we can provide 0.2W to 1W UV-A LED from 365nm to 415nm. We can provide customers with more solutions according to different designs and applications. For customized services, please contact our sales staff for support. .

SpecSizewavelengthPowerIfVfBeam angle
HT2835-UV-603.5* 2.8* 0.8 mm365nm ~ 415nm0.2 W60mA3.2-3.8V120 degree
HT2835-UV-1503.5* 2.8* 0.8 mm365nm ~ 415nm0.5 W150mA3.2-3.8V120 degree
HT2835-UV-1003.5* 2.8* 0.8 mm365nm ~ 415nm1 W100mA9.6-10.2V120 degree
HT2835-UV-60-D3.5* 2.8* 0.8 mm365nm + 395nm0.2 W60mA3.2-3.8V120 degree

UV Curing refers to a special way in which "energy" from a UV light source can be used instead of traditional heat to cure or dry paints, inks and adhesives. In fact, the UV spectrum in the UV lamp interacts with specially formulated chemicals to cure the material, usually faster than using other methods, uses less energy and therefore costs less. In addition, since most solvents in inks, paints, adhesives and coatings can be eliminated, UV is considered environmentally friendly.





Print curing

Suitable for UV LED printing with digital, screen and flexographic printing processes.


Coating curing

Used for UV coating on wood surfaces and other coated surfaces.



UV glue curing, used for industrial bonding and sealing.

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